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Your Pillow Buying Guide

Pillows are one of those home décor items that are used throughout the home in bedrooms, living rooms, dens and sometimes in the kitchen area that have breakfast nooks. They invite comfort and can anchor the decorative theme in a room. It’s all about creativity with your choice of throw pillows. Mix and match colors, textures and patterns to add a punch to your sofa, bed or chairs; after all, changing the look of your room is as easy as adding new decorative throw pillows.

Bed Pillows

Bedding pillows have been around since ancient Egyptian times when they served only a utilitarian purpose. Today’s pillows are available with many different filler materials such as feather, down and buckwheat. Memory foam pillows are very popular these days and offer maximum comfort, not to mention they’re technologically advanced since they were designed by NASA. These are sometimes referred to as contour or support pillows. When buying bed pillows, it’s important to keep in mind not all are the same. Check for firmness and filler materials. Goose down pillows have been a favorite for decades while hypoallergenic pillows are made with materials to keep allergies to a minimum.

Accent Pillows

Accent pillows, also known as throw pillows or decorative pillows, allow you to add a bit of personality to a room. The best part is they’re easy to incorporate, are inexpensive and unlike a sofa or chair, if you get ready to shake things up in your design scheme, you’re not looking at a major time or money investment. While you’re browsing for just the right pillows, remember the best combination is the one that you prefer, the one that you just know will look great with what you already have. modern pillows

Go against the grain; choose stripes to team with florals or different shades of the same color. Chenille pillows, tapestry pillows, cotton pillows – as with all things home décor, you’re only limited by your imagination. Once you’ve been inspired, take it outside! Your patio furniture is a great place to add pillows for a fresh look to your outdoor living area. There are many fabrics that are durable enough for outdoor use and will resist fading.

With just a little creativity and imagination, you can easily update a room without breaking the bank.

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