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Your Guide to Buying a Storage Bed

The bed is not only a practical necessity these days, but also a fashion statement. While there are numerous kinds of decorative beds, storage beds have recently become increasingly popular among people who lack adequate space in their bedrooms. In the past, storage beds were mostly available for kids, but nowadays, they are available for adults as well, and they come in a couple of different variations. They allow an individual to utilize the space beneath the bed, as well as maintain an attractive appearance that fits in with a wide range of décor. If you are thinking of buying a storage bed, here are some of the major types to choose from.

Uses of Storage Beds

Storage beds were mainly created out of the necessity to find creative ways of storing items where space was limited. The beds allow you to use the space under the mattress that would otherwise serve very little or no purpose at all. The drawers in this space allow people to store things such as spare beddings and clothing without using valuable armoire or closet space. Some versions are designed to store an extra mattress that can be easily pulled out and used by guests when required. Other versions come with a mechanism that enables people to lift the mattress and platform in order to reveal the storage space underneath. Modern storage beds come with modern styling but still maintain the functionality that makes these beds popular.

Captain’s Storage Beds

This is the most common kind of storage bed and it is the oldest in terms of design. It is available in a variety of styles and looks, but the most common feature in all designs is that they come with drawers under the mattress for storage. The bed is available in two versions for adults and for children. It can include only a few drawers on a single side or multiple drawers around the bed’s perimeter. The adult versions that come with a single row of drawers normally have the same height as a standard bed. On the contrary, the children’s versions may come with a single row of drawers and a normal height or they may have three to four rows of drawers and a desk, with the mattress raised at a height of four feet or more.

Lift Storage Beds

The design of lift storage beds is somewhat similar to the captain’s bed. However, they do not have any drawers on the sides. Instead, they utilize the whole compartment underneath the mattress as a storage area. Usually, they come with a hydraulic mechanism to help lift the mattress up and a support base to reveal the storage space underneath. The assist mechanism is designed to keep the bed open while you put items in the storage space and the mattress can be easily lowered into the original position. Lift storage beds are very popular for storing large items that are hard to find enough space for, like large pillows and quilts that are usually placed on a bed during the day. Lift beds are normally available in adult versions.

Trundle Storage Beds

Trundle storage beds also have the same design as the captain’s bed. The only exception is that trundle storage beds come with a secondary mattress. The secondary mattress can be pulled out from below the main mattress. Trundle storage beds can come with a roll-out mattress assembly alone, or they may be slightly taller. The slightly taller loft varieties have a roll-out mattress and storage drawers. Both versions are mostly designed to be used by teenagers and children, or for use in guest rooms where extra sleeping arrangements may come in handy.

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