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TV Mount Buying Guide

With the new technologically advanced televisions, TV wall mounts have become part of the hardware used for the ultimate television viewing.  The vast majority are made to install easily without a lot of intrusion into your home’s walls.

Although TV mounts aren’t new, the way they’re incorporated have advanced over the years.  The Video Electronics Standards Association, an international corporation that sets standards for the industry as a whole, has codes and guidelines that describe screen size and weight specifics for all TV wall mounts.  The three most commonly used TV mounts:

Tilt – These mounts extend farther from the wall, usually around three inches, to safely house the television so that it may be tilted up to 15 degrees.  Optional lock capabilities are available as well.

Low Profile – These are simple to install, extend only a couple inches from the wall and are most often used as plasma TV mounts, but are also considered universal TV mounts.

Swivel – A swivel TV mount not only allows the television to pan from side to side but there are many that also have tilting capabilities.

Also, look for those mounts and TV mount brackets that offer a cable management feature.  These are cleverly designed pockets that allow you to hide cables and add to the overall look of your home theatre.  Another feature worth considering are those that allow homeowners to “lock” their televisions to prevent burglars from removing them.  You might wish to contact your insurance provider too.  You may be offered a discount on your home policy when you incorporate these locks.

Remember to keep in mind the size and weight of your televisions.  A few of our recommendations:

  • If you don’t wish to install your plasma or flat screen TV to the wall, consider a display stand. They’re just as effective and offer clean and uniform lines that blend seamlessly with your home theatre system.
  • Our Universal Articulating Dual-Arm Wall Mount is an excellent choice for flat screens between 42″ and 60″.
  • The Universal Ultra-Thin Tilt Wall Mount is the right solution for ultra-thin screens that measure 22″ to 40″.
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