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Top Tips For Decorating Your Little Boy’s Bedroom

When your little ones start to grow into little boys you know the time has come when they want to assert themselves in your home. They may already have started preschool, and be talking about their favourite TV shows and the friends they have made. The most significant change is how big they have become. That cot bed simply isn’t going to last much longer. As a parent, you may remember them as a newborn looking so tiny in the cot. Now you have a young lad struggling not to kick the ends or bump his head. Where did the time go?

When you know it is time to decorate his bedroom, your little one will be full of wild and weird ideas for colours and designs. He will probably want all his favourite TV characters painted on the walls and all his noisiest toys within easy reach of the bed! Reaching a compromise with a wilful three or four-year-old is never going to be easy, but there may be a way you can distract his attention for a while. Picking out a boy’s bed is one of the best moments in a young lad’s life! After being in a cot bed all his life, he is going to be astounded with the options available if you let him browse boys beds at Cuckooland.

Beds are great for make-believe, fun and games. They are also perfect for storage and providing space saving solutions if your son’s room is a little small. As they start school, they will want somewhere to work to do homework or just practice drawing and writing, so a bed with an integral desk area could be perfect. All children love little dens, so choosing a bed with extra space underneath to create their own hideout could be just what they want. Little cubby holes and secret cupboards are perfect for imaginative children between the ages of four and ten.

Once you have all agreed on a new bed, you still need to decorate the rest of the room. Neutral colours may be the best way to go if you think you will be changing his bedroom as he gets bigger. Some boys this age like very strong colours and will be keen to help you paint. You could choose a feature wall to paint, or find a children’s themed wallpaper for that wall. Some parents are happy to paint the surface so it can be drawn on and erased easily. Even at this age, children love posters so you may want to keep a wall free for putting a couple up.

However you choose to decorate your son’s room, it is at this age that the room becomes more multifunctional. Instead of just being used for sleeping, you may find your son wants to come up here to play on his own. His imagination starts to go into overdrive, and he can probably make up entire scenarios to act out with his toys. This stage is to be encouraged, so help him have the bedroom of his dreams.

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