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Top 5 Bedroom Upgrades You Don’t Want To Miss

Are you seeking bedroom perfection? No, not that; I am referring to a modern, attractive room that is functional and peaceful. Designers seem to weave magic into the bedroom settings of today, and there is no reason that you can’t include a little of that magic into your design when you next decorate your room.

Let’s take a look at current trends and principles that will give your room a modern, relaxing ambiance, without employing an interior design expert.

Bedroom Floor

The first thing that you will notice in any photographs of superior bedroom designs is the floor. The trend currently is to use laminate flooring or real wood flooring to give the room a clean look. Both of these materials are as cheap as carpet these days so there are compelling reasons to use them. If you wish to install a wooden floor in your room, here is how to do it.

  • Firstly, remove the old flooring.
  • Remove the skirting boards.

Put down a layer of thermal insulation that will also act to reduce the noise to the floors below.

Begin laying the new boards at one end of the room. The modern boards click together easily so putting them down takes no time at all.

Every time you get to the end of a row, the board will need to be cut to length. Use the offcut from the board as the first piece in the next row.

  • Work row by row until the floor is covered.
  • Replace the skirting boards with new, over the new flooring.


Clutter is a big problem in bedrooms. Clothes that are left lying around cause dust and can harbour colonies of bacteria, causing skin conditions such as impetigo, if they are left long enough. The ideal solution to storing clean clothes is a built in wardrobe. If there is an alcove in the bedroom, it is an ideal place to build a wooden frame and fit doors to create a big wardrobe. Some people, however, decide to maximise the wardrobe space and turn one end of the room into one. There are many styles of sliding doors available, so this is a fairly straightforward DIY job.

Designers use the space under beds for storage now too. In most bed sales, there will be found beds that lift up to reveal a cavernous space or drawers in the lower part of the bed.

Only if a bedroom is clutter free and tidy can it be the relaxing room that you need.

Mood Lighting

To create a calming glow in the room, recessed ceiling lights do a great job. Make sure that the modern LED lights can be dimmed so the mood can be set. Table lamps will create shadows that add a feeling of intrigue when cast onto walls painted in deep, rich, colours that make your mouth water.

Task lighting solutions should be mounted to the sides of the dressing table mirror; never above as this casts shadows on the face.


As in all rooms, modern designs lean towards the use of blinds as a replacement or addition to curtains. The blinds are available in many styles and colours so there is always something to enhance any room.

A bedroom revamp is one of the most enjoyable. It will make you want to go to bed earlier at night and, even though your eyes are closed, it will relax you more than the old room did if you get it right. Start your project now and make the most of a good night’s sleep sooner rather than later.