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Tips for keeping your bed Clean and Tidy

Whether you’re trying to avoid tarnishing that new expensive mattress or perhaps some high-end sheets you just purchased, one shouldn’t undervalue the importance of having a clean place to sleep. Not only does a fresh sleeping space make it easier to relax it might also provide auxiliary health benefits as well. To put it succinctly, when a person thinks of rest and relaxation, a grimy, unkempt bed isn’t the first thing that springs to mind. If you’re interested in keeping your bed clean, here are a few handy tips…

First off, you should start with yourself, specifically, your own personal hygiene. In other words, if having a clean bed is your thing why not makes it a point to always take a shower before jumping in? Not only does this help extend the amount of time you can use your sheets before having to change them, but it also helps many individuals rest more soundly (it’s hard to get comfortable when you feel icky, after all).

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Next, consider investing in a mattress pad. Not only do some mattress pad models bring some interesting new perk to the table (like added padding), they also help keep critters like dust mites from reproducing like crazy. Dust mites not only cause your bed to get kind of grubby they can also cause problems for allergy sufferers as well. Moreover, a mattress pad can be quickly removed and perhaps washed, which is a perfect way to prevent such infestations from taking hold. You might even want to rotate and flip your mattress every six months or so, just to ensure that the entire piece is having a near-equal amount of pressure applied to it and not relegated to one spot consistently (this helps extend the life of the mattress).

Remember to use your vacuum cleaner on your bed and mattress. Many people tend to forget that a vacuum cleaner can be an excellent tool for not only dealing with your run-of-the-mill dirt, but also hair and other particles. Note* – be sure to try and locate your vacuum’s upholstery attachment, which can make this process much easier and faster. Additionally, be sure to pay close attention to any nooks and crannies.

Avoid food and drinks while in bed, as it is a recipe for disaster (particularly among individuals that consider themselves to be “klutzy”). Obviously all it takes are a few spilled drinks and you’ve got a permanently-stained bed and/or perhaps an invasion of ants. If you insist, be extremely careful and invest in something like a TV tray which can defer potential messes.

Lastly, concerning sheets and bedding, remember to wash everything in very hot water. In fact, keep colours and whites separated and consider using bleach to further cleanse your white sheets. As mentioned earlier, keep track of how often you change sheets and try to stick to a schedule, this will allow you to avoid letting things get too dirty too quickly, which can significantly affect the state of your mattress, for instance.

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