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The Versatility of Decorative Benches

We’ve all seen dining room table benches and many of us have benches at the end of our beds, but today, benches are used all around the home – and for a lot more than just a seating area. There are many sizes, styles and materials to choose from and depending on where your bench goes in your home, you’re likely to discover many choices that will more than suit your needs.

Indoor benches are perfect for small areas such as foyers, hallways and under windows. Many offer storage bins for shoes, umbrellas, magazines and blankets. Wood benches have always been a favorite for many decorators, but with so many versatile indoor benches, you can easily find those where wicker or even metal hardware is beautifully combined for an original look.

Interior benches, especially when they have cushioned seating or other decorative elements, add warmth to an area. They pull double duty, too; serving as table space when needed. In fact, many use their wood benches for coffee tables or accent tables. The choices are endless.

Modern Furniture Warehouse has a large selection of dining table benches, hallway benches and even outdoor benches to make decorating your home easy. A couple of our favorites include:

Marrakesh Brown Leather Storage Bin – This is a favorite because of its elegant appearance – it’s simply stated and has curved legs for a bit of flair. It looks lovely at the foot of a bed or as part of your den or living room.

The Curves Bench in Chocolate Color is a testament to modern beauty. Its higher sides are softened with two matching CVS20-C12tube pillows and the absence of a back adds a certain look that’s both sophisticated and regal.

If you’re looking for a hallway or foyer bench, you can’t go wrong with the Anna Collection Storage Bench. It’s made of wood and has just enough of a decorative element in its back and sides to give it flair. It’s compact enough to fit just right in the smaller areas.

Browse all of our dining table benches, outdoor benches and other benches to find those that fit your needs and your style.

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