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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a New Bed

Humans spend a fairly large portion of their lives sleeping. Regardless of how many hours per night you get, some get 5, some get 10; having a comfortable cosy bed is essential. If we sleep in the wrong bed, we can suffer from all kinds of problems, from insomnia to back problems. This guide will help you to choose a new bed so you can sleep soundly every single night:

Consider Your Needs

The first step is to consider your needs. Do you have a health condition that needs addressing? Before you choose a bed, you might want to see your doctor to make sure you aren’t going to hurt yourself even more. Some people believe that hard mattresses are good for a bad back, but this is false. You should do your research online before you go looking in store. Many shops that sell beds will write blogs on the subject, so start with them!

Consider Your Partner

Your partner must be considered when choosing a new bed too. You both have to be comfortable, so it can be difficult to come to an agreement on the right bed to get for the two of you. You should both go and test out beds together, which we’ll talk about in the next point.

Test Out Beds in Store

Once you know a little about the kind of bed you’re looking for, you should go and test out beds in store. As a general rule, the mattress should not be flat to your back, nor should you have too much space between your back and the mattress. Fitting 2 fingers between your back and the mattress is about right, but it’s down to personal preference too. Any good bed store will let you test out the beds in store, after all, this is a large purchase! You’ll probably be overwhelmed with options to begin with, from latex mattresses to memory foam.

Don’t Focus on Price

When it comes to choosing a new bed, avoid focusing on the price. An expensive bed doesn’t mean it’ll be good, and a cheap bed doesn’t mean it’ll be bad. That being said, you shouldn’t buy the cheapest bed you can find if you’re on a budget; find the best value for money. That way you’ll still get a deal but it’ll have all of the features you need.

Will you be able to get in and out of this bed with no trouble at all? Make sure the height is OK for both you and your partner. Some beds are much higher than others, and this can make it difficult to get out of them.

To Turn or Not to Turn?

Some people hate turning their mattresses, as it can be a lot of work. If this is something you’d rather avoid, try to find a mattress that doesn’t need to be turned.

Use these tips and you’ll sleep soundly every night – a bed is a big investment, so don’t take it lightly!

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