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The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Metal Bed

Once you’ve decided to buy a new bed and picked its basic material, there is still more work left to be done. Buying a metal bed is a good investment, as they are sturdy and long-lasting, but to ensure you get the perfect metal frame you need to consider a few more things.

Pick a size

The size of the bed will depend on what room it’s going in, and who will be sleeping in it. Toddlers may want a smaller bed as their first sleeping stage after the crib, while a master bedroom will need a double bed at least. When looking for a metal double bed frame, check the available sizes – a small double might fit better in a more compact house, while those looking for room to spread out will prefer a king-sized bed. Online retailers like Bedstar will list all product sizes to help you decide.

Classical or contemporary?

Once you’ve picked a size, it’s time to look at the possible styles. Metal beds are often fairly simple and minimalistic, using elegant lines in their head- and foot-boards. However there are also more traditional bed frames, which usually have rounded, sophisticated motifs that are evocative of past times. Another consideration for single beds is whether you want a day bed, which could be used as a sofa during the day and provides great versatility.

Look at materials

Within the category of “metal”, there are a few different materials which can be used for your bed frame. Cast iron, brass and steel tubing are all commonly used to make metal beds. Frames can also come in a variety of finishes, such as chrome, or be painted different colours – a definite advantage if you’re going for a strong colour aesthetic.

Back support

Different beds offer different levels of support which combines with your mattress. It’s a good idea to try out some different beds in person and make a note of what feels most comfortable. Sprung slatted bases offer excellent support on metal bases, absorbing most of the stress on the bed and extending the life of your mattress, but make sure to spend money on what works best for you.

Extra features

While metal bed frames don’t usually have integrated storage solutions, buying a bed with long legs could allow you to place drawers on castors underneath the mattress and thus make the most of that under-the-bed floor space. Other additional features to consider could be whether there is a fold-out guest bed underneath the main frame, or even if the site you’re buying from has special promotions. Express delivery or pre-built frames could save you time if you’re eager to get sleeping on your new metal bed.

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