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The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Double Bed

A bed is a vital investment, especially because you will spend approximately one third of your lifetime in it. A good night sleep is important for good health, and the quality of bed that you have may compromise the quality of sleep you get. In case the quality of sleep you get has deteriorated, or you often wake up feeling tired, or you wake up with some back or neck pains, maybe it’s time you considered buying a new bed. If you are thinking of getting a new double bed, there are several things you need to consider before buying just any double bed.

Measuring Up

The first thing you need to know about a double bed is that double beds come in standard sizes, and they are usually measured with respect to the size of the mattress they take. Even when the dimensions of the bedstead are larger than the divan base, the mattress size remains the same. A standard double bed always has a width of 135 cm and a length of 190 cm.

Bed Types

Bedsteads are constructed using a frame that has sprung or static slats for supporting the mattress. These types of beds tend to be more ornamental that the divan bases, so your choice here will mainly be based on aesthetics. Nevertheless, you have to take into consideration the support, since slats offer a more stable level of support, while sprung units provide more responsive surfaces.

On the other hand, you can choose to buy a divan set, which comes with a divan base and a mattress, or a separate divan base alone. A divan base provides support to the mattress and it significantly affects the comfort of the sleeping surface. In case you want a separate base, you need to consider the kind of mattress you want to accompany it. It is always important to try the two together at the store so that you can feel the level of support you are going to get while sleeping.

Available Floor Space

Another thing you need to consider when buying a double bed is the size of your room and the available floor space. In case you have a lot of clothing and items that require storage, you should consider buying a storage bed. There is a variety of storage beds out there, but all are designed to offer you a space-saving solution your bedroom.

The most popular storage designs are those that feature under-bed drawers because they allow for instant access by sliding or rolling out on some castors. Some designs feature up to six drawers on either side of the bed. Other designs allow you to lift the entire mattress support as it is hinged on the base. These types offer more storage space since the whole base can be used to store large or bulky items that cannot fit in a conventional drawer.

Useful Tips

  • Try it: before buying any type of double bed, make sure that you try several types by laying on each type for a couple of minutes and changing positions as you lie on the surface to find your natural sleeping position.
  • Consider everything: the bed, the mattress, and the pillows are supposed to work together to provide support and comfort, thus you should try all the items together. Ensure that any type of bed you will select is compatible with the type of mattress and pillows that will eventually accompany it.
  • Sharing: in case you are going to share the bed with your partner, it’s always good to try out the bed together. Additionally, take some time to think about the features and space that will suit both of you.