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The Surprising Truth About What Really Goes On In The Bedroom

When it comes to our homes, we love having a separate space for every activity. Lots of us enjoy having a separate dining room or dining area. We may even have a playroom for the kids. One space that is surprisingly multi-functional is the bedroom. While the primary purpose of a room with a bed in it is to sleep, the vast majority of us do far more things than just rest in this room. Whether you live on one floor or you have lots of bedrooms in your house, the bedroom you sleep in is often used for more things than you would think. We give you the surprising truths about what goes on in the bedroom:

Sulking – Yes, on top of our list is sulking. Whenever we have a bad day or a bad row, the bed is the place we go to for a good old fashioned teary. Usually face down in the pillow, we can have a sob in peace, and take comfort in the huggable softness of our bedding. Whatever age you are, you never grow out of the sulking phase, and our bedrooms are the perfect place to get over it.

Showing off – Our bedrooms are the places we are most proud of when we have spent a little time and effort on the interior decor. We invite friends and family in to check out what we’ve done with the place. After we spent so long choosing the perfect bed, we make sure they know exactly what we spent on our firm super king size mattress and how the delivery men were just marvelous at getting it up the stairs. Yes, we do like to brag, and our bedrooms seem to be the place we boast about most.

Sex – While the point of a bed is to facilitate a good night of sleep, it is absolutely the most comfortable place to wriggle and writhe with a loved one. As you get older, it certainly seems like all the other places in the house appear less and less inviting for an intimate cuddle with your better half. Being in bed means you can hide all the bumpy bits under the duvet too!

Social Media – It’s not just teenagers that are using their bedrooms to hide away and natter online with their friends. More and more of us are taking our tablets and propping ourselves up with pillows while we game or FaceBook. It’s far more comfortable than anywhere else in the house, and it’s great to chat with your friends and family before you fall asleep.

Super cinema – For the best seat in the house, lying out flat has to be the way. Admittedly, popcorn kernels have a terrible habit of getting in between the sheets. But being able to lay in the dark and enjoy a great movie on your bedroom TV screen is a great way to spend an evening alone. Immerse yourself in the film and let yourself drift off to sleep. Watch your favorite movie of all time or the latest blockbuster. Sweet dreams.

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