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The Guide to Buying a Toddler Bed

Your baby has been sleeping in the cot for months, but recently you realized that it’s time for him or her to graduate to the next level. Once your child can climb out of the cot, even with the mattress set to the lowest level, it’s time to make a change for safety reasons. Sometimes, parents also decide to ditch the cot if their little one’s arms and legs are the perfect size to get stuck between the bars or slats. Either way, before you sell the cot or pack it away, you’ll need to buy a toddler bed to replace it.

What is a Toddler Bed?

A toddler bed is much smaller than a twin-sized or single bed. The toddler bed frame is built to hold a mattress the same size as the one currently in your child’s cot. All you have to do is buy the frame, and then switch the cot mattress to the new bed. The typical toddler bed also includes raised sides to keep children from falling out during the night.

Why Use a Toddler Bed?

Some people might wonder why their child needs a toddler bed. Can’t the little one simply switch to a regular single bed? In many cases, young ones who are moving from a cot to a bed are still too small to control their limbs during sleep. They could easily fall out of the bed in the night. The height of a regular bed frame and mattress makes it hazardous for small children, especially if there’s a chance that they might fall onto a hard toy or hit their heads on a piece of furniture. Small children are used to the protective sides of a cot, and switching to an open bed immediately can be problematic, even dangerous. Check out some great options at

What are Some Design Options for Toddler Beds?

Some toddler beds look like miniature versions of adult bed frames, only with side rails or panels. These beds are often made of wood or metal. However, many of the most popular toddler beds are crafted from sturdy plastic, often molded into interesting designs.

Choosing a fascinating design is one way to help your little one make the transition from the cot to a toddler bed. There are toddler beds in the shape of racecars, toddler beds with canopies, and toddler beds that feature favourite characters from movies, cartoons, or TV shows. Disney characters, Thomas the Train, Peppa Pig, and other options are available. Patterns of flowers or footballs are also kid-pleasers. if you like, you may be able to find an entire set of bedroom furniture that matches the theme of the toddler bed.

As far as color choices go, there are pink and purple beds for girls, and there are multiple types of unisex beds in bright blue, green, and red. If you’re not keen on the abundance of bright colours, consider a bed that is white or brown with a bit of colourful trim.

What to Look For in a Toddler Bed

The toddler bed you choose should fit well in the bedroom, so be sure to take some measurements before making a purchase. Look for helpful add-ons like under-bed storage or a bedside shelf. Above all, choose a bed that will make your child excited about the transition, with side rails and safety features that will keep your little one safe.

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