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The Best Modern Quilts for your Home

Quilts are an ageless part of home décor. Quilts passed down through families often make a personal statement and harbor sentiment. Quilt designs have progressed over the years to include many innovative ideas. Modern quilts are enjoyed by individuals from all age groups. Quilting is not just for grandmas anymore. You are sure to find a modern style that fits the atmosphere of your home. There are many modern themes to choose from.


One of the most popular modern quilt ideas stems from making memories. Many people want to keep sentimental tee shirts, baby clothes, or wedding dresses. These items usually end up in a box at the back of your closet, however. A memory quilt is a great way to display your fond moments and memories without piling up old clothing in the attic. These quilts are made by cutting squares or other shapes out of the chosen clothing and using them to make the quilt instead of regular quilting squares. Tee shirts from years of vacations usually make larger rectangles, while baby clothes may only produce small squares. Some people prefer to hire a professional to work with delicate fabrics from things like wedding dresses. Memory quilts can be made from any type of clothing and are a great way to remember good times without collecting clutter.


Nature themes are timeless. There is never a time flowers and trees cannot be found in home décor. Wallpaper and paintings often focus on nature. Quilts have moved away from basic squares and triangles. Intricate designs are often made with various shapes and colors. A quilted rose or your favorite animal can be the perfect accent for a room that needs some color. Work around things you already have in your home if you want to coordinate. You can also allow the quilt to be the main attraction by hanging it on the wall or draping in nicely over an armchair. Bring a little of the outdoors in with a nature themed quilt.

Abstract Shapes

Quilt designs do not have make a specific item. It is common to see quilts with abstract designs. These creative pieces of work are often one of a kind, made from inspiration during the sewing process. Shapes may be connected or scattered on a solid color background. A quilt like this can easily be made to match a specific color scheme, while still exhibiting a creative edge. Abstract quilts look great in any room of the house. They can be used as an eye catching couch throw or a subtle bed cover.

Misaligned Squares or Rectangles

Misaligned quilts are another variation from the standard squares. These quilts incorporate squares or rectangles of various sizes into the quilt. Rectangles seem to work the best for this since they can be cut to different lengths. The pieces are sewn together in an orderly fashion, but not lined up perfectly. Rectangles may look a little like stripes, while squares take on rustic, haphazard appearance. These quilts can be made to follow a certain color sequence or patter, if desired. The misaligned look adds a creative touch to a bed.

Dimensional Designs

Many new quilt designers are going above and beyond to create a masterpiece. Quilts with dimensional designs are more of an art display than a usable quilt. Raised designs are made from many individual sewn fabric pieces in various shapes. These then placed in the quilt to form a dimensional image. Kid’s quilts may have a princess or pirate on them. Elaborate animals with scenery may also be added. Imagine a lion face on a quilt with a fluffy mane made out of many pieces of fabric. Kids often love the touchable pieces. Adult raised designs can be anywhere from a simple flower with raised petals to a replica of a favorite art piece. These are sure to be a regular conversation piece in your home.

Modern quilts are breaking the rules of traditional quilting. Every home could benefit from one of the new creative designs. Creative individuals may enjoy learning to quilt at home. There are also quilters for hire that can make you something specific. Consider your personal décor and look around for the perfect quilt to compliment your home.

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