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Shag Rugs: Styles and Designs

Today’s newer homes sport open floor plans with lots of uncarpeted square footage in hardwoods or tiles that need the added softness of area rugs. Rugs can also help break up and define these large spaces into smaller functional areas. Traditional décor will always be in style, but many are moving towards a simpler, cleaner, more modern design, which may not work well with intricate oriental rugs.

Shag rugs provide a whimsical hint of retro style, and they warm up the coldness of modern furniture pieces made of metals or plastics. They add texture and interest, with or without complicated design, depending on your personal preference.

Gone are the color limitations of the 1970’s, like avocado green, rust brown, or mustard gold. Today, you can find shag rugs in a rainbow of colors, including pink, turquoise, and eggplant, in addition to the basic white or black.

If you’re looking for something more interesting than a simple, solid-colored rug, consider a multi-colored pile that can help tie in several colors within your room, or choose a bold design made from two or more colors.

Leather shag rugs make a particularly bold style statement, commonly found in neutral shades of brown with wider strips of fabric. The texture of natural animal hide can bring a masculine, earthy touch to a room like a study or family room.

Today’s shags come in various sizes and shapes. A small 2’ x 3’ would work well in a bathroom or in front of a nursery change table. Larger sizes like 8’ x 10’ can be used as an anchor rug to define your living room space. Or, if you really want to add a modern twist, try a round shag rug in a bold fabric or color. Children and teenagers alike will flip over a shag rug in their bedroom in a bright hue.

Wherever you decide to use shag rugs in your home, you’ll be sure to enjoy their beauty and luxurious softness under your feet.  And… your friends will think you’re really “groovy.”

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