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Selecting The Perfect Loveseats

Loveseats have come a long way in their role as part of a living room set. Many now prefer a loveseat over a sofa or a sofa loveseat combination. They’re ideal for smaller rooms and especially if you want to incorporate arm chairs or other accent pieces.

Modern loveseats are available in a number of styles and coverings. Leather loveseats are the trend, but futon loveseats are incredibly popular as are those upholstered with micro-fabric coverings.

Your first goal is to ensure your new loveseat will provide a seamless fit with the rest of your living room or den furniture. If you have a contemporary look, you’ll likely want to steer clear of the more traditional loveseats. While it’s important to ensure the overall look is indicative of your style, you likely won’t get good results with a leather sofa and a fabric upholstered loveseat. Ideally, you’ll want to stick with the same covering choices.

There are other options to consider, too. Futon loveseats, as you might expect, are generally armless. They’re quite streamlined, modern and provide a clean, no nonsense look. Leather loveseats are easy to maintain and depending on your style, can provide an elegant look to a room. The Queen Ann loveseat, pictured here, is an excellent example of how regal leather can be.

For a more casual, yet contemporary look, check out the Giordano Modern Loveseat. Its oversized pillows and cushions give a very chic look to a room. It’s comfortable and inviting. If you’re buying new furniture for use loveseatthroughout a room, you might want to consider eliminating a sofa altogether and instead, incorporate a roomy loveseat with a few comfortable chairs. This can free up your options in terms of furniture placement. It’s all about creativity and allowing your personal tastes determine the look and feel of a living area.

Modern Furniture Warehouse has more than 65 loveseat styles in a variety of colors and coverings. Browse through our collection of accent pieces, too.

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