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Selecting The Best Table Lamps

Creating the right ambience with table lamps is a matter of finding the right lighting options that fit your needs as well as coordinates with other home décor it shares a room with. Contemporary table lamps come in endless combinations of materials, sizes, designs and other unique attributions. If you’re thinking it’s time for a few well placed lamps, here are several tips and ideas to keep in mind.

What will the lamp be used for? If its primary use is in a foyer, a smaller brass table lamp or perhaps a porcelain table lamp generally adds flair to these areas. Because most people use lights in entryways or foyers, a smaller one with a low wattage bulb provides ample light for dropping keys, purses, umbrellas and briefcases while also lighting the way into the home.

If you’re looking for a lamp for placement on a small accent table, you’ll want to ensure your lighting option is in direct proportion with the table size. Many like the way candlestick table lamps look on these smaller areas as they provide a bit of height while not overwhelming the table top area.

If your new lamps will be used for reading, sewing or any other activity that requires ample lighting, consider the larger decorative table lamps. Ceramic table lamps can easily be located and never go out of style, while a Tiffany table lamp is refined elegance at its best. Whichever lamps you select, they should link the room together with the soft glow of the lighting.

The floral table lamp, shown here, is a beautiful 26.5″ etched and stained glass table lamp. With two pull chains and constructed of brass, it’s a solution that will solve any lighting problem. This is just one of the many table lamps with mercurystained glass Modern Furniture Warehouse offers. Another exceptional table lamp is elegant Mercury Glass Table Lamp, made by CBK. Its crisp white fabric shade and washed silver finish make it a sure thing in any room of your home. It sits 10.5″ high and has delicate curves and swirls that add to its beauty.

These are just a few of the contemporary table lamps available at Modern Furniture Warehouse. Finding the right light option is a sure thing with the 1600+ styles.

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