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Plant Stand Glossary

Hanging Plant Stands – These are plant stands that are accompanied by hardware that allows the user to suspend it from beams and are great for small areas where floor space is limited.

Multi-Tiered Plant Stands – These plant stands have places, in varying heights, that allow the placement of several potted plants to create an eye-catching array of plants.

Accent Plant Stands – Traditional plant stands, in metal or wood, that allow the homeowner to use in rooms to accentuate current furnishings. Perfect for houseplants.

Window Box Planters – Planters that attach to outdoor window sills and are a great addition to one’s current patio décor. Consider adding a multi-tiered plant stand underneath a window box for an even more dramatic look.

Pedestal Plant Stand – A plant stand with one space for a single plant; ideal for corners and outdoor patios.

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