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Outdoor Bar Set Buying Guide

Some of the best home entertaining happens outdoors. Add a beautiful evening, a well-landscaped lawn, a grill and ample outdoor furniture, and you have a party. If you have the space, varying heights of furniture such as standard outdoors chairs and patio tables along with outdoor bar sets really defines the ambiance you’re aiming for.

If you haven’t researched the latest styles and features of an outdoor bar set, you’ve picked a great time to do so. With so many new styles, features and materials, you may discover a difficult time selecting your “must-haves”. Keep reading for some of the newer features and styles that define today’s outdoor bar patio sets.

Flexible Outdoor Bar Sets – Flexibility, in this instance, refers to the ease with which you can move your outdoor bistro bar sets of any size due to the small casters on the bottom.

Outdoor Wet Bar – Yes, even some outdoor patio and bar sets come with a built in sink to keep your outdoor housekeeping easy.

Ideally, most outdoor furniture bar sets are made with wrought iron or other metals to ensure years of durability. Some of the most popular styles are the bistro inspired bar sets. They come in a variety of heights – including bar height and standard seating heights. These are great because you can easily add or change seating cushions to suit your party’s theme. You’ll want to ensure your selection of outdoor metal furniture includes a durable powder coat finish to protect the metals from the elements.

Your tabletop offers a lot of choices as well. You can opt for a round glass top that reveals the intricacies of the metal design or many new outdoor tables are available with mosaic tiles to add a bit of colorful personality.

Finally, you’ll need to decide your seating needs. If you entertain a lot, with many people, you may wish to select your outdoor bar set that comes with four or more bar stools or chairs. If you’re looking for a nice way to dress up that corner near the back lawn, a small bistro outdoor table set with two chairs might do the trick. Usually, a 30” table top will sufficiently allow enough room for two chairs or bar stools.

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