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Office Furniture Buying Guide

A recent study suggests more Americans are spending time in their offices versus their time spent at home. This isn’t surprising considering our 24 hour society. It stands to reason we want to make those offices as comfortable as possible. Quality office furniture and other office accessories go a long way in how productive we become as our surroundings should be inspirational.

Office Furniture Desks

Your office desk is the center of your work area. It should allow ample space to house your computer, possibly your printer and any papers that you need within reach. Further, its height works in tandem with your office chair to ensure back stress is kept to a minimum. Your choice in chairs will be influenced by the desk. With so many choices, you may find yourself feeling a bit overwhelmed as you search for that ideal office furniture desk. We’ve outlined a few of the more popular desk descriptions below that can help you differentiate in the many different styles:

Writing desks are designed to provide enough surface area for pens, notepads and possibly a notebook or laptop computer. These are perfect for areas with limited space.

A secretary’s desk is a bit larger than the traditional writing desk and might offer a few more drawers on one or both sides as well as a center drawer for storage pens, paper clips and other often-used supplies.

Computer desks are usually adjustable, with shelves, keyboard drawers and legs that are easily personalized for the user. They generally arrive with pre-drilled holes for the computer and printer cords.

An L-shaped desk is provides the benefit of additional surface top area and allows the user a way to maximize his desk area. Drawers, cubby holes and other features vary by desk and because there are so many varieties, it’s easy to find one that suits your space and needs.

Office Furniture Chairs

An office chair is perhaps the best investment one can make in his career. If you find yourself in front of the computer or at your office desk, the right chair can offset back and neck strain as well as the exhaustion that comes from remaining seated for long periods of time.

modern office chairThe material is purely the user’s choice, with leather and breathable fabrics being the most common. Arms are optional; however, some studies suggest the lack of arms for those who spend much of their time on a computer can offset such disorders as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Ergonomic office furniture and desk chairs are designed to ensure safety and comfort are maximized. Whichever office furniture chair you select, a solid mat underneath can protect your floors and the chair’s casters.

Finally, most offices have seating areas for visitors. Your office chairs should be comfort and sturdy and ideally, they will match the office décor you’ve incorporated.

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