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Nuevo Home Furnishings

Imagine your ideal ultra modern home. Images of straight and clean lines, muted colors and a combination of earth anigifelements such as stone, air and even water might come to mind. Now take that vision and bring it up a notch – you’re then in the Nuevo Home Furnishings realm. The bold concepts used in all of this forward thinking home furnishing company demands to be noticed. It’s beautiful and in many ways, simple.

Particularly stunning about Nuevo is the way many of its designs appear to be floating. It’s the engineering that goes into the designs that make many of the chairs, shelves and other furniture appear suspended.

White has always symbolized clean, crisp and contemporary in home furnishings. When paired with chrome, the finished look can be awe-inspiring. Nuevo has this concept mastered. From the Lotus Modern Clock in white with black and chrome accents to the aggressive look of the Ansel Modern Stool, a double take is often necessary to fully grasp the beauty of this collection.

The Kira Modern Shelving Unit incorporates angled chrome with wide slats of white that construct the shelves. The frame has a high polish, high shine finish to it while the shelves are sealed with a lacquer finish. It’s stunning as it centers nicely on a wall in your den, home office or living room. It’s both spacious and open. Each shelf is suspended, allowing even more storage room between the units themselves.

Be sure to check out the Torro Modern Chair in Black. Its curves and angles give it depth and ample cushioning ensures your comfort. It too has high polished stainless steel legs and its dimensions are 39 x 35 x38. Its low positioning gives it a certain flair that’s difficult to quantify, yet truly appreciated for the work of it that it is.

Still, no matter how much we appreciate the modern look, there remains a bit of tradition in each of us. Explore that side of you with one of the beautiful Nuevo wooden chairs. Beautiful curves and straight lines house ample seating areas. None of the designs are overwhelming but in fact provide a quiet presence.

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