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Modern Ottomans

Ottomans are versatile furniture offerings that can make a significant difference in a room’s appearance. While we still ottomanappreciate the way they allows us to come, sit down and kick our feet up, today’s ottomans also pull double duty as tabletop areas or storage bins. With so many shapes, including the ever-popular square ottoman, or as they’re sometimes referred to, “cubes” to leather ottomans and custom created upholstered ottomans. Not sure what size or shape you need? Usually, a realistic look at the space it occupies will help you decide between round or square. If space is limited, a round ottoman can ensure traffic through the area moves smoothly while the cubes are better suited where there’s plenty of floor surrounding it. For even more flair, pair two ottomans together or even select one of the oversized ottomans that are indicative of a new trend in these home furnishing accents. This provides even more versatility and placement options. Remember too, ottomans are no longer reserved for the living room. We’ve found ways to include them in dens, bedrooms and even foyers.

Leather ottomans, as mentioned, are generally the first choice for many; partly due to their durability and elegant look. On the other hand, upholstered ottomans allow more color and design options, especially if you select a floral or other leatherottomandesign element that incorporates contrasting shades and colors.

Another consideration is whether you prefer casters or traditional legs. Casters make moving the ottomans easier, but if you don’t anticipate moving the ottoman around often, wood provides a lovely natural element to the design.

Be creative and take a bold chance when selecting your ottomans. Shake things up and add a different flair to your den or living room with any of Modern Furniture Warehouse’s contemporary ottomans.

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