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Modern Furniture Glossary

Accent Colors: Contrast colors used to enhance room color schemes.

Accessories– Objects such as books, vases and lamps used for decorating a home.

Arrow Foot– A cylindrical foot that’s tapered and separated from the leg.

Art Glass– Decorative glass used in home furnishings and includes stained, beveled, etched and leaded glass.

Saber Leg– Used to describe the curving of a furniture’s leg and sometimes called “scrolling”.

Sabot– A French term for the “shoe” at the bottom of furniture legs.

Backing – Coating material used on the reverse side of upholstery to give it more strength.

Ball Casters – Round metal, rubber and/or plastic balls that fit in a swivel cup that attaches to the base of furniture to making relocations easier.

Base Rail -The part of the wood frame lowest to the floor.

Baseball Stitch– A double row of sewing that runs along both sides of a seam; used for decorative purposes, it also strengthens the seam.

Casters -Small wheels placed on furniture to make it easier to move.

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