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Mirror Buying Guide

Mirrors are the all-around perfect home décor piece. They serve a purpose and look great in any room, including foyers and hallways. They’re available framed or unframed, round, square or oval and can be beveled or with beautiful etching to give it a more contemporary look. Other options might include those that are wall mounted or those that are attached to furniture, such as dressers and of course, there are the floor mirrors. The possibilities really are endless and we’re here to give you a few tips to help narrow those possibilities down.

Which room will this mirror be in? Are you looking for a grand wall mirror to hang over a fireplace or perhaps a smaller mirror to center on the wall above a bathroom vanity? Also, if your room is more traditional, with wood and other earth elements, a nice framed wood mirror might be your better choice in these rooms since these mirrors might include wood carvings and darker framers. Usually round or square, but these decorative mirrors are available in other shapes and finishes.

Contemporary mirrors provide a more modern feel. Usually metal frames, perhaps some etching in the mirror itself and quite stylish, contemporary mirrors are ideal for those who like clean lines we associate with contemporary furnishings. For a contemporary room, modern furniture and sharp lines might be best served by a similar framed mirror that will allow the room to appear even larger. floor mirror

Keep in mind, wall mirrors need additional security. Before installing any wall mirrors, be sure you’ve found a safe place from which to hang it, usually a stud finder for walls will remedy that problem. Dresser or other fixed mirrors usually come with the hardware necessary to properly install it behind the furniture piece. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions.

Finally, before you begin browsing for that perfect mirror, ensure you’ve made accurate measurements of the wall or floor area where the mirror will be displayed. You don’t want to find the perfect mirror with that beautiful frame and other features only to discover it won’t properly fit in the area you’ve chosen for it.

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