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Make a Big Impact with the Smallest Details

Your style and personality are going to shine through your choice of modern home furnishings; however, in order to really hit the mark, you can’t neglect those smaller details.  In fact, it’s the details that provide a fluid experience from room to room.  Here are some small accessories that are affordable, easy to incorporate and work well in more than one room.

Beautiful Lighting Options

Your lighting plays a pivotal role in your ambiance of every room in your home.  Your spectacular leather sofa sectional never looked better than when you combine several smaller lamps with lower wattage bulbs.  It’s more inviting and warm and is a must have to create the magical room you vision.  We have literally thousands of lighting choices; from spectacular chandeliers to the most elegant of table lamps and wall lamps.  One look that is always a sure thing with the most modern living room collections is the tower lamp.  This remarkable design element is sleek, contemporary and incorporates the latest earth tones that work well, regardless of your other fabrics or flooring options.  Incorporate low wattage bulbs for the total effect.

Modern Accent Pillows

Give your room an eclectic feel with a collection of pillows.  Petite pillows work beautifully with bolsters and Modern furniture Warehouse has hundreds of styles in various prints and fabrics that are easy to coordinate with your room’s décor.  Try the Black Toile Embroidered Pillow in your bedroom or living room. It’s a lovely choice that’s both elegant and simple in its design efforts.

Trendy Ottomans

Whoever invented the ottoman is genius!  These versatile furnishing options pack a big punch.  They’re useful, in that they’re the first thing you’re drawn to after a long day at work when all you want to do is kick your feet up, but today’s more contemporary ottoman offers storage and even doubles as a table top.  Various sizes, styles and coverings make choosing the perfect modern ottoman as easy as kicking your shoes off.

Remember, the magic is always in the details.  Your accent pieces play a significant role in tying your rooms together.  Allow your imagination to run free – you can never go wrong when you do.

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