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Luggage Buying Guide

Millions of us travel each day on extended trips, whether these trips are for our business or long-overdue vacations. Naturally, luggage is a big part of anyone’s travel plans. Still, updating our suitcases is not something we do often enough. Many of us still have that familiar set of luggage we received as graduation gifts or were first presented to us as we prepared to leave for college or after we were married.

Today’s luggage certainly presents differently than what many of us recall from those days of oversized and bulky suitcases. Our choices now include travel bags and suitcases that are made of incredibly durable fabrics that breathe and ensure the safety of its contents. Duffle bags, also known as luggage bags, are a great example.

Most of us, too, insist on keeping our carry on travel bags nearby when we’re traveling via the airlines. In these, we want to ensure we have medications, toiletries and books, among other things, nearby for those sometimes 12 hour long flights.

With the addition of expandable arms and wheels on many suitcases or travel luggage, we no longer have to worry about navigating through busy airports or bus terminals with a bulky oversized suitcase in our arms. Couple this with the many different sizes, shapes and hardware options today’s contemporary luggage offers, and we suddenly don’t dread those business trips so much.

And if you are one who enjoys travel of any kind, you know the importance of being able to identify or claim your luggage. ID tags are just the ticket to attach to your rolling luggage or suitcase straps. We have several designs, all sturdy and made to ensure they’re not torn from your luggage during handling.

Finally, if you’re wondering what kind of luggage will best suit your needs, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Do you travel often?
  • When you do travel, do you pack light or do you tend to bring everything short of the kitchen sink?
  • Do children usually accompany you on your travel?
  • What kind of transporation do you use when you do travel?

By answering these questions, determining the right luggage size and style should be an easy decision.

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