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This time of year, most of us are growing restless; tired of being indoors and with the brutal winter we’ve had, this particular winter has felt longer than previous ones. What do you look forward to as March and April draw near? We have a great idea, courtesy of KL Industries, that will put a new spin on those warmer months. Small boats, paddle boats, canoes, dinghies….are you beginning to see the picture? Take a look at some of these awesome water vehicles that are safe, affordable and fun for the entire family.

The KL Industries Sun Dolphin Five Person Pedal Boat is the fun way to spend your summer. Load the family or friends, and get your feet moving. This is the most popular size and is a “true” five person boat. The sun canopy protects you from the sun, high back rests ensure comfort and the aerodynamic features keep you perfectly balanced on the water. This boat weighs 110 pounds, offers recessed drink holders, maintenance free bronze bushings and rubber seals, and a closed cell polystyrene foam flotation.

The American 12′ Jon Boat is your maintenance free solution for getting out onto the water and getting the fish on board. It’s affordable, easy to transport, weighs 110 lbs and offers a built in motor mount fore and aft. There’s more than enough room for your fishing gear and the recessed holders keep all your equipment (and even your drinks) safe. There’s also a two year warranty on the deck, hull and parts.

The 8 ½’ Sportsman Bass Boat is what bass fishermen dream of! This design offers two raised seats that ensure you can easily scan the river. Because it only weighs 100 pounds, it’s a breeze to transport – you don’t even need at trailer! The swivel seats are adjustable and removable and the motor mounts fore and aft ensure your boat motor stays secure as you’re trolling for the big ones. This is a must have for those who appreciate the solace of fresh water rivers.

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