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Kitchen Gadget Buying Guide

Anyone who loves baking and cooking can attest to the importance of kitchen gadgets. We love the convenience and those artistic radish swirls that adorn our dishes. But with so many different kitchen utensils, it’s challenging determining which ones are must-have and which ones we can live without. Unless, of course, you happen to have a large kitchen with a lot of storage. So, with that thought, we thought it’d be a good idea to provide a buying guide for the latest kitchen gadgets.

Tomato Holders – This is one of those clever inventions that many aren’t even sure how to use.  Ah, but if you’re in on the secret, you know how invaluable this little gem can be.  A tomato holder allows you to insert the prongs into the fruit’s center (and who knew?  Tomatoes are fruits!) to then serve as guides to ensure even slices. Anyone from the southern U.S. can appreciate evenly sliced tomatoes for a good southern tomato sandwich!

Garlic Press – Surprisingly, many people aren’t even sure how to properly use a garlic press, much less what purpose they serve in a kitchen.  Using a garlic press is easy, though and once you’ve mastered it, you’re sure to apt for fresh garlic over store bought.  With a garlic press, there’s no need to remove the skin as it the press will separate it efficiently.  Simply place your clove, skin and all, into the pocket. Bring the second arm around and press firmly.  Your perfectly minced garlic will press through the bottom and the skin remains in the pocket.  Tip: any left over garlic can be stored with a bit of olive oil in your refrigerator for future use.

Egg Wedger– Another underused kitchen gadget is the egg wedger.  Using the same theory as a tomato holder, you simply place the egg in the spooned holder and bring the slicing blades down for perfectly and evenly sliced boiled eggs.  This adds a professional look to your salads.  Clean up’s a breeze too.

So you see, with just a bit of creativity and willingness to broaden your culinary horizons, you can easily incorporate these convenient kitchen tools into your everyday meal preparations.

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