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Kitchen Cart Buying Guide

They say our kitchens are the hearts of our homes.  Naturally, organization is necessary – especially if your family and friends tend to gather in the kitchen over meals, coffee or conversation.  One sure fire way of keeping this most important room tidy is the use kitchen carts.  There are many different types, of course.  Keep reading for some of the most popular styles.

Kitchen Island Carts – These are a great addition to kitchens without an island counter.  They’re a great alternative to permanent island counters and in fact, many prefer kitchen carts because of the casters that enable them to move the kitchen cart to other areas in the room.

Utility Kitchen Carts – These are often stored in pantries and provide a place to store potatos, onions, dish towels, cleaning supplies or anything else you like to have within easy reach.  Of course it’s not recommended you store food items with cleaning supplies, but there’s no reason you can’t incorporate a couple utility carts to keep edibles separated.

Rolling Kitchen Carts – You’ll discover most of these handy carts have rollers or wheels on them.  This is ideal since you can roll your cart along as you go about cooking or cleaning.


The available finishes are plentiful too.  For more contemporary kitchens, a stainless steel kitchen cart will add style and flair to these modern rooms.

Wood kitchen carts look great regardless of whether your kitchen is more traditional or contemporary.  Look for many finishes to choose from; oak being the most popular.

Other uses for kitchen carts include a permanent home for your microwave or toaster oven, a way to organize your pantry, transporting dishes to and from your dining area and storage for snacks such as chips, cookies and fruits.  Many carts have adjustable shelves and baskets ensuring no wasted space.  Many also have additional features such as cutting boards, cabinets, drawers and even wine racks.  There’s no shortage of the many uses and varieties of kitchen carts.

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