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How to Use Candles As Decorative Elements

Candles have been around for centuries. They were initially designed and used for illumination. Candles where solely made as home utility products until the invention of electricity changed their roles.

Candles are used as decorative elements. Their ability to give off a kind of ambiance or feeling in at setting made them suitable for several types of ornamental outfits. They are now essential parts of major fanciful and luxurious display of splendor, wealth, passion and even formality.

Let’s take a look at some of the candles used as decorative elements:

Scented Candles

Are you looking to add that extra fragrance to your home? Scented candles are just the right set of elements to get. They are designed in decorative shapes and are very attractive to keep around the house. Scented candles are made with rich fragrance oils and leave your home with that lovely scent even when they are not lit.

You can place them in your hallway, bathrooms, bedrooms, a lounge or even your kitchens. The fragrance helps freshen the air and remove bad odor. You can even attempt to mix fragrance oils.

Scented candles come in different size, shapes, and fragrances to suit your need.

Dinner Candles

If you frequently go out on dinner dates in traditional restaurants, you will be familiar with dinner candles. Candles are fresh additions to a dinner table, and the new candle display using fanciful candle containers are amazing. You can try them on your next dinner outing and enjoy the beautiful lights as your chew away with your partner.

Other Decorative Candles

Apart from scented and dinner candles, they are different decorative candles that are specially designed for various purposes. You are inevitably going to find something very creative, from unique candle holders designed with abstract or conventional styles. There is something for every candle lover.

Candle Do’s and Don’ts

Are you looking at decorating your home with candles? There are things you should know so you don’t make mistakes that will ruin your good plan. Some of the laws guiding candle decorations are:

  1. Group your scented candles to avoid mixing scents that will come off too strong or unpleasant.
  2. You should always combine scented candles with some that are not scented. This helps to control the strength of the scent.
  3. Do not use scented candles on dinner tables. The scent of the candles will compete and even overshadow the pleasant aroma of your meal. This may end up ruining your appetite.
  4. Use smokeless candles for dinner tables. Make sure you trim down the wick to reduce the risk of unwanted smoke.
  5. Make sure you always burn your candles on a fireproof candle holder that is safe and secure to avoid fire accidents. You can still use tall candleholders for short candles. This will keep the flame away from items that are flammable.
  6. Always use dripless candles for candle holders that are open vessels. This way you will avoid the sticky candle wax from ruining other items around the candle.

Finally, always ensure to burn your candles safely. This way you will still enjoy your candles and avoid any unwanted occurrences. Keep candles away from children and make sure you are around to keep an eye on them. You can click here to learn more about luxurious scented candles.

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