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How To Keep Your Pond Water Sparkling Clean

Are you tired of trying to keep your pond clean without results? Do you want to have that clear pond water, but don’t know how to go about it?  Worry no more as we bring you tip easy ways always to keep your pond water crystal clear and free from all forms impurities.

Get The Right Pond Filter

Yes! This is the first step towards ensuring your pond is free from all sought of impurities is by getting the right filter. Mind you, you may already have a filter, but if that filter does not adequately break down toxic ammonia and nitrite into nitrate, you may have a clean pond, but a disaster is cooking underneath.

Most people make the mistake of getting a swimming pool filter for their fish pond just because they feel they both serve the same purpose. The swimming pool filter is usually a sand filter that removes sand and other debris from the pool.  Using this kind of filter for your pond will increase the chances of the development of heterotrophic bacteria. These developments are likely to lead to the disastrous extermination of the population in your fish pond.

So the right pond filter is specially designed for fish ponds. They function as both filters and cleaners. They clean up the pond environment and take away unwanted elements from your pond. They are various kinds of pond filters, and you need expert guidance to help you make the right choice.

Biological Filters

Biological filters have been developed to help regulate the natural setup of your pond. Have you ever wondered what happens to the excess food that your fishes won’t eat? When you feed your fishes, they leave leftovers which settle with all other organic matter like leaves, solid and liquid waste beneath the pond. If these matters remain in the pond, they will encourage the growth of unwanted bacteria that will increase the levels of ammonia and nitrates in the pond.

This is where your biological filters function. Unlike ordinary filters, biological filters are designed to remove all these substances that may cause pollution in your pond. This activity leaves your pond fresh and clean. It purifies your pond water.

In order to help your biological pond filter function efficiently; you need to provide a constant supply of oxygen to your pond. This is why you also need to get a good pond pump. Remember, oxygen is necessary to efficiently nitrify the bacteria colonies that will hamper the purity of your pond. So you have to get a reliable pond pump that will always supply oxygen to your pond. Your pond pump should always be up and running; you should only switch off when you want to perform any maintenance or repair.

The Right Pond Skimmer

Finally, you need to get a pond skimmer to help you remove organic debris from the surface of your pond. A skimmer takes care of waste such as twigs, pollen, and leave particles. If you have a small or medium pond, you can go for a floating pond skimmer. This kind of skimmer moves around the surface of your pond and sucks up the debris. The filter basket traps the debris. You can quickly empty the bucket once it’s filled up.

The following tips will leave your pond water sparkling clean and free from all biological pollution. Ready to take action? Be sure to read more on this topic and begin your exciting project.

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