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Great Beds for Storage

One might argue that a bed is actually the most important piece of furniture in an apartment.  However, some flats tend to be bigger than others and might not possess the required floor space to house a fairly large and comfortable bed without creating a problem for those residing inside.  As a solution, why not adapt and get a bed that’s specifically designed to allow for extra storage?  Not only are they great for smaller apartments, they might also incorporate other interesting features.  Let’s take a look at a few varieties now, shall we?

Stacked Multi-drawer types

While some storage beds tend to lay low to the ground, stacked multi-drawer types are often perched much higher, more often than not.  This elevation creates a unique effect of course, and certainly makes climbing out of it in the morning much easier as well.  As far as the storage space is concerned, having 4, 6 or more large drawers underneath your bed is not only extremely handy, but it can house a significant portion of your wardrobe and bathroom fabrics as well (i.e. – socks, underwear, intimates, bath towels, wash cloths, etc…).  As with any other type of storage bed, stacked multi-drawer types will often be constructed from an assortment of different woods, so be sure to locate a variety that’s both in your price range as well as suitable for your apartment.

Here’s an example.

Large single drawer types

Some types of storage beds might feature only one large drawer which is located at the foot of the bed.  Needless to say, these models tend to look and feel the most traditional due to the fact that their drawers tend to be relatively stealthy.  There are actually some very nice models available in this category and since you don’t need box springs, they’re quite durable as well.

Here’s an example.

Economy 2-4 drawer types

If you don’t have a lot of money to drop on a new storage bed but still need something comfortable that looks great, consider something like this from Ikea:  With two large drawers on each side, it provides a large amount of storage space while managing to look spiffy at the same time.

High-end “luxury” models

For those who are in the market for something that’s both stylish as well as highly functional, why not consider a more pricey luxury model storage bed?  Not only do these beds tend to feature beautiful and sometimes exotic wood varieties, but they’re also extremely solid and available in a number of fairly large overall sizes.  Moreover, unlike a lot of storage beds, more expensive high-end models also tend to have a headboard, which certainly adds to their overall appeal.

Here’s an example.

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