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Game Room and Accessories Buying Guide

Your home’s game room is the perfect place for you and your family to come together, enjoy a game of darts, shoot a game of pool or play a few rounds of your favorite card game.  The possibilities are endless and this is one room where everyone can make a contribution in terms of game room furniture and other accessories.

Maybe you have a football champion in the making or a billiards master who’s waiting to improve his technique, either way; you need the right accessories to complete this room in your house.   Before you stock the family rec room, you need to have a good idea of how to go about it.  It needs to be roomy, especially if you’re including a pool table, plenty of seating – stools and beanbags are great ideas in game rooms, and proper lighting.  Recessed lighting is perfect for the family game room.

Once you’ve determined how much space you have, it’s on to selecting the right pool table, any game room arcade machines you intend to include and the right dart board.  Ensure there’s enough room to maneuver around this areas – the last thing you want is a cue stick to become a safety hazard.  If there’s room, why not incorporate a small or mini refrigerator and a cabinet stocked with snacks?   Having snacks on hand in your home game room ensures visitors won’t be searching the rest of your house in search of sodas or chips.

Now that you have the layout designed, you’ll need to ensure you have ample darts, chalk for the pool table, cues and other accessories.  A card table placed in one corner the room is perfect for board games and of course, a fun game of cards.

Before long, your house will be where the neighborhood comes for a friendly game of pool, chess or darts.  Your kids will love being at home and you may discover their friends consider your house the “coolest in the neighborhood”.

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