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Furniture Buying Guide for Smaller Living Spaces

Just because your space is limited doesn’t mean you can’t design a modern and comfortable living area.  It’s all about making the most of the space you do have.  Even a more narrow living room can appear roomy, airy and when it incorporates the right furniture and accent pieces, it can become your own work of art.  Here are a few examples, courtesy of the Modern Furniture Warehouse design specialists.

One of the most difficult challenges is when the length of a room is out of proportionate with the width of a room.  When it’s a den or living room, it can really become awkward.  Placing sofas, entertainment centers and coffee tables suddenly feels as though it’s an impossible feat.  It doesn’t have to be, though, say the experts.  The first best thing you can do for a room such as this is to add a room rug that follows the flow of the room.  This is the idea behind the old saying of accentuating the positive.  This also provides a bit of texture while also allowing you to anchor the seating area.

Another suggestion is to choose a narrow coffee table if space permits, but keep in mind, a coffee table does not a living room make.  There are no hard rules that say you have to have a table in front of your sofa or love seat.  Instead, try smaller accent tables strategically placed on the ends of the sofa or next to an arm chair.

Speaking of sofas, you’ll want to select one that doesn’t showcase oversized seating.  You don’t want your space to feel cramped and the surefire way of cramping the flow of a room is by putting too-large furniture in it.  Instead, we recommend a modern sofa with clean lines and simpler design elements, such as the Modern Grey 3 Seater Sofa or if you are drawn to modern leather sofas, be sure to consider the Chocolate Paris Leather Sofa.  Both are spectacular in appearance and are streamlined to make the most out of their purpose.

Finally, our experts suggest your move your television away from the floor and instead, either invest in a wall mount television or purchase an inexpensive wall mount kit.

Decorating for smaller spaces allows you to really bring out your most creative side.  Keep the comfort factor in mind and before long, you’ll have your own living space that represents your refined tastes.

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