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Entertainment Center Buying Guide

Just as televisions have evolved and grown in size, entertainment centers have kept pace and have evolved into the foundation for a home’s media center.  They’re also considered a part of a home’s furnishings and as such, are available for any decorating style and theme.  So what should you look for as you begin the search for a new entertainment unit?  Keep reading for a few ideas and tips for selecting the perfect TV cabinet.

Take an inventory of your living room or den’s décor.  Is it traditional with antique wood trim or more modern with brushed chrome and glass?  Unless you’re planning on remodeling, you’ll want to stick with the theme that’s already incorporated.  You should also consider what is already a part of your media center along with what you plan to add.  Do the kids have games they play?  Is there a satellite receiver?  What about stereo components such as tuners, amps and speakers?  Do you plan to upgrade your television set to a larger model?  How big is your CD collection? All these questions and answers should factor into your decision.

Next, you’ll want to have an idea of how much space you have for your new entertainment unit.  Is there enough space for one of the elegant TV armoires?  Do you like the sleek look of the low-profile cabinets?  How much storage space would you like to incorporate?  Will cabinets and drawers benefit your needs?  Once you’ve answered these questions, you’re ready to begin your search.

  • Low Profile Cabinets – These are low set longer cabinets that are perfect for plasma televisions.  They come in a multitude of finishes and are the perfect complement to a living room’s modern décor.  They’re also available with many various features including storage, ability to add other components and various widths.
  • Transitional Cabinets – These are generally a standard height, offer many cabinets and drawers and the styles are countless.  You’re also afforded many options in finishes, sizes and widths.
  • Entertainment Consoles – These are additional components that are sometimes used as add-ons and offer even more storage.  They can also be used as a functional TV stand.
  • Open TV Console – These are sleek and streamlined with minimal fuss.  They’re durable and usually open-shelved.
  • TV Armoires – Oversized with lots of storage and shelving options, TV armoires are a big hit with those who love their electronics.  They’re a beautiful addition to any room.

As with most home furnishings, once you have a clear idea of what you want, the rest generally falls right into place.  Just be sure you have ample space for your new media center, your budget in mind and an idea of what style you most prefer.

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