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Daybed Buying Guide

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more versatile piece of furniture than a daybed. Perfect for most any room, versatile and available in many styles and frames, a daybed can be the cure for many of your home décor dilemmas.

With so many variations, it can become a bit overwhelming as you’re browsing through your options: wicker daybeds, wood frame daybeds – the possibilities are many, no doubt. Here, though, we’ll try to provide an overview, along with some great decorating ideas, to serve as a guide as you mull your options.

By nature, a daybed is a twin size bed that serves that purpose, but its creative design allows it to become a sofa when the bed feature isn’t being used.

Your Mattress Support

There are generally two kinds of support – the traditional spring support or the newer slat systems. If you opt for springs, they will attach to the two sides of the daybed and will stabilize the mattress. The newer slat system serves the same purpose, of course, but eliminates the springs and incorporates slats that attach to the frame. Many agree you can’t differentiate between the supports unless you happen know what it is.

To Trundle or Not to Trundle

Trundles provide additional sleeping areas via its mattress and support that’s on casters and conveniently stores under the daybed and works like a giant drawer. Pop up trundles are becoming popular as they “pop” up to create a larger bed when needed. Trundle daybeds have beautiful front faces that complete the look from the floor up when not in use.

modern daybedYou’ll need to decide what style you prefer. Metal or iron daybeds are always a sure thing as they coordinate well with what’s already in a room. Wood daybeds, available in many finishes, can be just the right touch if you’re going for a charming country or country chic look. Don’t limit yourself in where you can place your daybed. Many can be found in dens, living rooms and you might be surprised to discover there are patio daybeds available by many manufacturers.

Finally, after you’ve decided the frame, style and finish, be sure to measure the space. From there, you’re ready to browse daybed covers and comforters to get the most use out of your new investment.

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