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Console Table Buying Guide

Console tables are perfect for filling a gap in a room that feels too bare. They’re also used for storage and as part of a home’s overall decor efforts. When placed in the right place, a console living room table can change the entire feel of a room. Here are some great uses for console tables in your home:

Sofa Table – When used against the back of a sofa, a long console table can work wonders to an otherwise empty space. It doesn’t interfere with anyone’s comfort who’s seated on the couch, but provides a narrow tabletop for vases, phones, keys or photos.

Hallway Console Table – Because console tables are generally narrow, they’re often incorporated into a foyer or hallway. Many serve as a “catch all” for family members to leave keys, notes for one another, purses and school books.

Dining Room – For those dining rooms that can’t quite house a buffet, a console table is an excellent alternative. It’s usually smaller and works fine when doubling as a buffet. Use it to hold the centerpiece when the table is in use, pitchers and dessert plates.

Bedrooms – Console tables are easy to incorporate in a bedroom’s furnishings. Because of the many finishes and versatile styles, their uses are many. Play around with the arrangement in your bedroom and you’re likely to discover even more uses. For one’s bedroom, you may wish to add a mission console table that offers a second shelf near the bottom. This is excellent storage for extra blankets or that special quilt you want to display.

These tables come in many finishes. For the ultra modern look, consider metal console tables. Available in finishes such as brushed chrome and stainless, they’re perfect for a contemporary home. For a more traditional look, a wood console table might be the best choice. Common wood finishes include oak and cherry. For even more style, consider a painted console table, especially if the room doesn’t have a lot of wood finished pieces, but isn’t quite contemporary enough for a metal finish.

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