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Coffee Table Buying Guide

Coffee tables have always been an important part of a living room’s overall look. They add style to the room and maybecoffeetable most importantly, they’re functional. They’re the ideal place to put your feet up, keep the remote controls or, of course, to rest your coffee cup. So what are some things to look for? We have a few tips that are sure you to put you in the right frame of mind for locating the right coffee table.

The size of the coffee table should be your first consideration. You don’t want it to be too small to meet the needs of family and guests, nor do you want it to be too overwhelming which can make easy movement throughout the room awkward. While oversized coffee tables are the latest trends, be sure you have the floor space to accommodate these square coffee tables. Also, you’ll want to allow between two and three feet between the coffee table and your sofa, love seat or chair that it anchors. Another consideration is whether or not you have small children. If so, you may wish to select an oval or round coffee table; those corners can be a hazard to little feet just learning to walk.

Other trends that will remain big for the next few years are the low profile cocktail coffee tables. These are ultra-modern designs that usually incorporate darker wood and one-piece designs. Many have pedestal bases while other have bases that are slightly smaller than the table tops they support. As you might know, their goal is to encourage lowcoffeeguests and family members to get comfortable on the floor. They generally work well with the latest in contemporary furnishings.

Finally, you’ll want to consider the finish and materials. Wood frames with glass table tops make excellent combinations for coffee tables. If you wish to display collectibles or other decorative accents, you might want to consider those coffee tables with shelves that rest lower to the floor. Lift coffee tables have storage bins neatly hidden below the table top. Just like a chest, the table top lifts to reveal the storage area. These are ideal for magazine or even blanket storage.

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