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Ceiling Lamp Buying Guide

It’s often a room’s lighting that sets the mood.  In most homes, soft lighting is ideal and usually table and floor lamps provide just enough or the right hanging ceiling lamps that provide ambient lighting are perfect for complementing your time spent relaxing or watching television.

Depending on your tastes and style, it’s easy to select beautiful chandelier fixtures that add grace and charm or a contemporary elegance to any room.  No longer are these beautiful ceiling lamps reserved for grand foyers or oversized rooms with high ceilings.  Today’s contemporary chandeliers are a bit more compact and perfectly appropriate for everyday use.

Another popular favorite right now are those lighting fixtures that include the classic Tiffany shades.  They allow the light to play on the many colors in the shade and are often accompanied with darker metal fixtures, such as brass.  Beautiful for nearly any décor, these are timeless beauties.  Along with their vibrant colors, they’re often compact enough to accommodate smaller bedrooms and front entrances.

Prefer the charm of small fabric shades?  There are plenty of options to choose from in this category as well.  With varying numbers of lights, we’re particularly fond of the always-classic look of black and white.  What’s even better with these ceiling lights is the ability to change the lamp shades whenever you’re ready for a new look.  It’s not often we’re given that option in our décor schemes.

The right bulbs can make all the difference.  If you’re leaning towards those light fixtures with several lamp sockets, it’s important to ensure the wattage of the bulb doesn’t exceed the manufacturer’s recommendations.  The more sockets, the smaller watts per bulb you need.  Today’s bulbs are far more eco friendly and include fluorescent, incandescent and quartz halogens.  These are better for the environment and are a big plus when the electric bill arrives each month.  The savings of switching from traditional bulbs to one of these new alternatives might surprise you.

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