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Audio Buying Guide

“Music is what feelings sound like.”

It’s no wonder we are surrounded by many audio sources in our daily lives.  From the time we awaken each morning to our alarm clocks that are set to our favorite radio stations or CDs, to our time spent at the gym with our iPods, our offices with our playlists right on our computers to our cars, complete with many CDs to ensure we always have our favorite music nearby, we are a society that’s passionate about our music.

Because music plays such a role in our society, it’s only natural we want crisp sounds coming through our audio speakers.  Technology has advanced to the point that we can close our eyes and swear our favorite song is being played right in the same room with us.   It’s so advanced, even our clock radios have WiFi capabilities.  Who’d have ever thought we’d become so much like the classic cartoon, The Jetsons?

If you’re in the market for a new audio source, consider a total package.  A WiFi component internet radio and streaming media player is a perfect example of just how much we depend on our audio electronics.  With the capabilities to hear any of the thousands of internet radio sources along with the option of a streaming media player, this is truly the epitome of an audio “total package”.

Of course, the traditional AM/FM stereo radios are always a sure thing.  It’s always wise to maintain at least one source that offers battery capabilities in the event of weather emergencies or other situations that electricity isn’t available.  In fact, residents in the southeast U.S. typically keep a fresh stock of batteries for their audio radios in the event of hurricanes or other tropical systems.  During Hurricane Katrina, their only source of information for weeks was via battery operated radios.

If you’re looking to update your traditional alarm clock, consider the benefits of an AM/FM atomic clock radio.  This precise timepiece depends on atomic resonance frequency standards as its timekeeping element.  One thing’s for sure, you’ll never be late for another meeting again. 

Music, indeed, plays a role in our everyday lives.  It makes sense that we want it to sound the way it should and a small investment in our audio sources ensures it always will.

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