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Area Rugs: How to Choose the Right One

Area rugs come in all shapes, sizes, and colors as well as different fibers, textures and patterns, so choosing the right one for any area of your home takes some forethought and planning. With area rugs you can add glamour or pizzazz to a room or turn a large open space into smaller comfortable areas.

Choosing the Right Fiber, Pattern and Design

Like most rugs today, area rugs come in both synthetic and natural fibers. Cotton and synthetic fibers tend to be the least expensive and are used a lot in contemporary area rugs, while silk and wool rugs are a bit pricier. However, handmade silk or wool areas rugs or wool and silk Oriental or Persian rugs have been known to last hundreds of years, so it can be worth the investment in a top quality wool area rug such as this amazing hand loomed blended New Zealand wool area rug. And silk and wool area rugs typically increase in value.

Choosing the right pattern – geometric, floral or pictorial – for your area rug is about finding what works best with the style of your room; whether it is contemporary, traditional or another style. Some area rugs have a theme such as nautical, seasonal or youthful. Or area rugs can be a solid color.

When you are considering the pattern of your area rug, keep in mind that they are generally divided into three designs. The ‘over-all design’ means that the pattern covers the entire area rug. ‘Medallion designs’ focus on a centerpiece in the middle of the area rug and a border around the outside. And ‘one-sided designs’ are when the pattern is woven in a single direction.

Choosing the Best Shape, Size and Color

Before you can select the area rug that will fit your room, you need to remember that area rugs come in different shapes and sizes. Area rugs can be rectangular, round, square, oval, or octagonal. The shape will depend greatly on the space in which you plan to place your area rug.

Naturally choosing the correct size area rug depends on the size of your room or space. To determine what size area rug would work best, mark off where you want the corners of the area rug to fall making sure to leave at least a 12” border of the floor underneath. Measure from the width and length from your marks and you have the size of your area rug. Area rugs traditionally come in sizes such as 2’x3’, 4’x6’, and 8’x10.’

Keep in mind that if you are placing your area rug under furniture, you should make sure that all furniture pieces fit nicely on the rug. You wouldn’t want your dinner guests to have the rear legs of their chairs at an awkward angle.

The final element – color – has a lot to do with the colors of your room. Be sure to select an area rug that will visually enhance your décor. That does not necessarily mean that the colors of the area rug have to match the room exactly. They can contrast with your room, too. Think of your area rug as an additional piece of art meant to compliment the overall design and color scheme of your room the way this Mugal hand-knotted New Zealand wool rug from India would.

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