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Accent Tables Buying Guide

It’s difficult to categorize accent tables into one description or even one use; their versatility is what makes them the “cure all” in home décor. From hall accent tables to end tables to small accent tables that link two chairs or other furniture pieces, these little jewels of the home furnishing industry have solved many decorating dilemmas. Accent tables, regardless of their shapes or styles, generally tend to move from room to room over time, which is an added bonus when you’re attempting to modify the look of any room. Take a look at some of the contemporary accent tables Modern Furniture Warehouse has available as well as a few tips to consider as you’re searching for just the right one.

Round accent tables are generally made to fit into compact spaces but are also used as end tables and even bedside tables. They’re available in many styles, including wrought iron or wood, with or without lower shelves and drawers and of course, in varying heights.

Wood accent tables are usually found constructed of cherry, oak, maple or any other fashionable hard woods. They’re easily located either stained or unfinished and of course, with an endless list of options including drawers, shelves and shapes. Look for the right height that will allow you the most versatility throughout your home.

Corner accent tables, as you might expect, are triangular shaped and made to rest in the corner where two walls meet. They’re made to maximize every square inch and are lovely additions to dining rooms, bedrooms and even bathrooms. If there’s a corner in your house, there’s a corner accent table that will complete the room’s look.

Hall tables and buffets present with a more rectangular design. Found in hallways that can support furniture and of accent2course, dining rooms, they’re both beautiful and functional for any home.

Wrought iron accent tables take advantage of curves, angles and beveling features. You’ll likely find these modern accent tables with glass tops and are generally square or round in shape. Again, they’re excellent for filling in those small empty places in a room that need a bit of flair.

Regardless of style, shape or finish, Modern Furniture Warehouse has over 150 designs to fit any budget and any home.

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