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Accent Lighting Buying Guide

Accent lighting is generally incorporated in smaller areas of your home or patio areas.  An accent light might be in the form of a small lamp used in a hallway, a child’s room or anywhere else low lighting is needed.  You can also strategically place several small decorative accent lights to provide a soft glow in a room to avoid using a brighter overhead light.  Recessed accent lighting is used in closets, under cabinets in a kitchen or bathroom or even installed near bookshelves and china cabinets to provide perfect lighting to display your book collection or maybe a family heirloom.

What you may not have considered is the use of candles in lieu of small lamps.  Candles can provide a more intimate setting.  Naturally, you should never leave candles unattended.   Consider the beautiful candleholders and candle sticks that are now available to serve as a candle’s foundation.  Candle holders are available in a wide variety of sizes, designs and materials.  Consider using a combination of tapered candles with pillars and small tea candles in those candle holders with many holders for a truly romantic setting.

For everyday accent lights, small lamps, whether they’re table lamps, floor lamps or sconces,  are a great way to add to your room’s personality as well as serve as a lighting source.  The more accent lighting you have, the smaller wattage of bulb you need for each lamp.  For an eclectic feel, mix and match small lamps and group them on mantelpieces, accent tables and shelves.  Modern Furniture Warehouse has over 100 beautiful accent lamps that will add to your home’s beauty.

Finally, don’t forget your outdoor living area.  Accent lighting is perfect for lighting walkways, your pool area and flower gardens.  Just as there are beautiful options for interior accent lighting, you have many considerations for landscape accent lighting too.  Consider solar accent lighting.  This eliminates the necessity for cords or batteries and is maintenance free.  These are perfect for use in around the perimeter of your flower gardens and patios since they present no safety hazards.

Clearly, there are hundreds of ways to beautifully accent your home with soft lighting.  Use your imagination and your finished result will be a warm, softly lit environment your family and friends will feel at home in.

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