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6 Things to consider when Buying Bedding

Regardless of who you are, sleeping is a necessity.  Simply put, despite all of our differences as human beings, each and every person in existence has (or wants) a bed somewhere which they can call their own.  Having said this, you’ve probably been out shopping for bedding at least once in your life already, right?  In other words, chances are you most likely know what you’re looking for when you enter a store in search of something to plop on top of your bed.  Well, whether you’re in search of the basics or perhaps something that will enhance comfort and style, we’ve got 10 tips for you which should help you make a more informed purchase, or two…

#1   Try to go for sheets with higher thread counts

Sure, the higher the thread count the more expensive the sheets tend to be, but they simply can’t be beat when it comes to comfort and quality.

#2   Look for comforters which possess a lot of “fill” or “loft”

To put it simply, you want to pick up a comforter that can both retain warmth as well as a soft comfortable texture.  On some packaging you might actually be able to find information which indicates that the comforter in question has a high fill power, if you find one suitable with a high indication, grab it.  Conversely, some inferior comforters might not even add any indication at all, this might be a sign that  the quality leaves something to be desired.

#3   The full size sheet to queen conversion

Did you know that (if you’re shopping for flat sheets) you can simply buy a full sized set to use on a queen in lieu of perhaps purchasing a more pricey set that’s specifically designed for a queen?  Many people like doing this because it allows you to avoid having too much extra material splayed about.  Moreover, depending on what type of decorative theme you have going, this approach might also allow you to make things look even tidier than usual.

#4   The scratch test…

Getting back to high thread count sheets, there is a simple test you can do which will help you to determine if the sheets you’re looking at are really above a 500 thread count.  Simply use your fingernail to scratch the surface of the sheet; if you see little bits popping up everywhere, chances are you’re dealing with a low thread count variety.  You see, high thread count sheets are very durable; they wouldn’t yield under such pressure.

#5   Consider synthetic wool blankets

Yes, it’s been said that certain types of wool blankets cannot be beaten, but synthetics tend to have other advantages (a lower price tag being a very important point).  For example, most synthetics tend to be hypoallergenic, which is great for allergy sufferers.  Moreover, you’ll find that a synthetic wool blanket is a breeze to wash as well.

#6   Perfectly fitted sheets

If you have a standard-sized mattress, getting sheets that conform to your bed shouldn’t’ be a problem at all.  However, if you happen to own a mattress that has an extra “pillow” layer on top then you’re going to need to do one of two things – 1.) Look for deep-fitting sheets which are designed for your type of mattress, or 2.) Simply purchase some larger sheets and use some “sheet straps” to ensure that you get a snug fit.

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