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3 Great Style Tips For Updating Your Bedroom

If your bedroom is giving you sleepless nights, it may be time to give your bedroom a style overhaul. Decorating your sleeping space can invigorate your room and make your personal space feel homely again. So many of us concentrate on decorating our living rooms year on year, but often neglect the space that we love to be in the most. If you are anything like me, then you will love being in your bedroom. Sadly, with our hectic lives and work schedules, we don’t get to spend as much time in the bedroom as we would like. So, if you’re stuck for style inspiration for your most coveted room, look no further. You will be reaching for the paint brush in no time!

Spring has Sprung:

Not only has spring, sprung but we are heading into the glorious summer months. Look around at your bedroom; is it still clinging to winter? If so, get the paint pot out. Opt for pretty pastel shades that are huge for 2014/2015 and go wild with colour. Pastels are the perfect transitional colour too, as you can go from winter to spring to summer without feeling that the paint is dated. Popular colours are fizzy sherbet lemons, perfect pinks, pretty lilacs and soothing duck egg blue tones. Incorporate two colours, maximum, to ensure that you don’t go overboard. My favourite colours to mix are lemon and blue. It looks stylish, fresh and makes your bedroom space of bastion of relaxation. Once you have daubed your walls, invest in some crisp, plain linen. Ditch the floral look and go for bold, plain linen. You will beautify your boudoir in an instant.

Invest in New Furniture:

If you have had your furniture for a while, it may be time to invest in new stock. As our bedroom furniture is used every day, it is subjected to more wear and tear than other furniture in our homes. Opt for clean, white furniture that is boxy in design. If you are looking for something with a little more ‘va-va-voom’ then why not try high gloss furniture, in vivid jewel tones, for a futuristic feel. You could even try mixing and matching your furniture. Who says you have to stick to a uniform when it comes to furniture? Try mixing cherry wood with pine for a great overall effect with maximum impact. Invest in key pieces, such as wardrobes, bedside tables and dressers. Take a look at for some serious fashionable inspiration.

Update Accessories:

This has got to be the easiest bedroom updating solution of them all. If your bedroom accessories are looking drab, not fab, it may time to bin them. Update your cushions, curtains, candles and ornaments. Stick to a key colour and style theme to ensure that your room remains classy and elegant. Hot trends for summer 2014/2015 are country chic (think pretty lace, china teacups, pastels and super cupcakes) and Buddhist temple (think paisley patterns and Buddhist god figures.) Let your accessories do the talking and update your room instantaneously.

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